Make Your Home Elegant Even Without An Interior Designer

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Make Your Home Elegant Even Without An Interior Designer


An elegant home is often described as a tasteful and attractively decorated house. And most of the time, numerous people think that only interior designers have the ability to do this. Little did most of the homeowners today know that they can do this as well on their own.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional interior designer. In fact, these professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable enough that can really transform your home into a newer and more favorable place to stay. And having them to design to re-design your home is largely a personal preference. But, in essence, not everyone can afford an interior designer.

Also, many homeowners today would want to have a home that will express more of their respective personalities and characteristics.

So, how can one, for instance – you, give your home a whole new elegant look without even bothering the expenses of hiring an interior designer?

Lucky for you, we at Embracing Homes, have the freshest and most effective tips and hacks for you! The following points below are largely the things you will need to consider when giving your home a whole new look. Certainly, when you apply these things on your own, you will receive a lot of commendations from your friends and visitors. And this is because they are all tried and tested by many professional designers today.

Make Your Home Elegant Even Without An Interior Designer 2


The Primary Preparations

Before you proceed to decorate and improve your home, it is very important that you plan ahead first. Remember, preparation is always the key. And failing to prepare may lead to much more expensive and time-consuming results.

Primarily, you need to have your ideas and inspiration. Once you are settled with these things, you need to account for your resources and the processed of obtaining them. And it is only after then that you can proceed to the initial process of redecorating your home.

  • Utilize Inspirations on Interior Design Magazines and Websites

The online world is not just merely for surfing and socializing. In fact, there are several platforms that you can visit and use to get several ideas and inspirations on home decoration and interior improvement. And there are a lot of reasons why millions of people today utilize Pinterest.

Apparently, Pinterest has a lot to offer. It is actually more than just a social media tool to access several photos. This site provides thousands of ideas and inspirations boards to its users. And these ideas are largely seen to focus more on home improvements and interior designs.

Utilize Inspirations on Interior Design Magazines and Websites


If you are not familiar with Pinterest, then you may want to sign up an account now. The platform allows its users to “Pin” ideas and boards that you can try and use on your own.

A lot of designers and enthusiasts share their very own tips and hacks as well on this site. And if you really want to explore your creative side, Pinterest can largely help you.

Aside from this, you can also check other websites and online magazines that offer several tips and ideas for home improvement. Certainly, you will find a lot of creative and exciting designs that you will want to apply in your house.

  • Collect Ideas and Photos

Aside from utilizing the online world, you can also resort to a more traditional way of acquiring ideas and inspiration. You can always check several interior design magazines and newsletters. Through these materials, you may cut out photos of the designs and decorations that peak your interest the most.

Along with the ideas and inspirations that you got from the online world, you may check and compare these things and decide which of these will be more appropriate for your home and lifestyle.

Once you are settled, you can then now make a list of all the things that you might need

The Setting Stone

Your setting stone will be the base of all your interior designs. Having the right bases will be so much easier and more convenient on your end. You will find it very convenient to put the right accessories and additional decorations when you are able to set the proper base of your designs. So, it is very essential for you to be wise in making these decisions.

  • Choose Your Color Palette

In decorating or renovating your home, your chosen color palette will be the stepping stone of your design and decoration. So, be wise in choosing the color schemes that you will use.

It is very recommended that you choose to use three shades and tones of color. One is for the main color of the walls. Two is for the accents such as your furniture (couches and chairs) and appliances. And three is for the small things in your house like pillows, accessories, and candles.

Accordingly, it is important for you to note that choosing the color palette and scheme is a very personal and tough decision to make. The tones and shades of a house actually create the overall mood, ambiance, and appeal of the space. Hence, it will be largely dependent on your personal preferences.



Even so, you have to keep in mind that blending and matching of shades will play an important role as well. Also, remember that lighting is also an important factor to consider when choosing the color palette and scheme of your interiors.

Three is always the magic number when it comes to choosing color tones and shades. It is always better than one or two. If you are to imagine an all-white interior, it can be pretty boring and dull. So, if you are to choose one color like an all-white or an all-gray interior, make sure that you are expanding it into three shades.

Choose Your Color Palette


You can be playful with the colors and shades too. Be risky as much as possible but not too much because it may result in an over-do appearance. For instance, if you are to choose white for your main walls, try to blend it with a more vibrant shade for the second and third color. You can choose lavender for the accent and black for the pop-up accessories.

  • Incorporate Varying Textures

Adding texture to the interiors of your home is just as important as choosing your color schemes and palettes. Essentially, the textures that you will add in your home will give the details, vibrancy, and liveliness in the colors and tones that you chose.

Normally, these textures will appear on the furniture set that you will include in your house. Whether it’s a couch or a sofa, the textiles in each of the set will determine the textures of your interiors. In addition, you can also add textures in the forms of pillows, rugs, carpets, blankets, and baskets.

This is much more essential when you choose a single tone or palette for the color. For instance, you want to have an all-white or an all-black interior color shading. Adding varying textures in such color decisions will give life to the overall appearance. You can choose to include a faux fur blanket of gray and black shades. You may include black wood pallets for the wall hangings and decorations. Or you can also incorporate black velvet chairs and couches.

•Incorporate Varying Textures


Whatever you choose to incorporate is largely dependent on your preferences. But make sure that you include several textures that will suit accordingly your lifestyle and daily living. Say, you have dogs and pets. In instances like this, you may want to choose a more versatile and durable kind of textiles over than the light ones.

With that being highlighted, it is also important that you consider your lifestyle when choosing textures to incorporate into the interiors of your home.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches of your interior decoration will include all the little accessories that will pop-up the overall design of your interiors. They may consist of the wall hangs, decorations, appliances, and other interior pieces that are normally found in a home.

  • Make A Statement with Large Pieces of Furniture

When you decorate your home, make sure that you include large pieces of furniture. Even if your space is small, it is important that there is a centerpiece within your home. In fact, professional designers would always advise their clients regarding this one. This is because small pieces of furniture would only appear as clutter.

This is a common mistake that every homeowner does when decorating their homes with furniture and appliances. Most of them would choose to place tiny and miniature types of furniture to maximize space. But, little did they know that this would only make it more disorganized.

So, instead, try to decorate your home by mixing them. You could choose to have a large couch or sofa along with small chairs and bean bags. This is only an example for you to check out. In the end, it is still based on your perspective and preference.

•Make A Statement with Large Pieces of Furniture


Also, your space will largely determine the types and sizes of furniture that will suit well in your home. Just ensure that they would not look too bulky or too slender. Make a balance out of your furniture sets.

  • Declutter with Bowls, Trays, and Boxes

For fresher, cleaner, and more elegant aesthetics, bowls, trays, boxes, and baskets are most of the time being used by many designers and homeowners. Apparently, these kinds of accessories in your home can serve many purposes.

Declutter with Bowls, Trays, and Boxes


Firstly, they are great enhancers of the overall appearance. If you are choosing a more minimalist appearance, one-shaded bowls and trays will do the trick of making the interiors of your home much alive and vibrant. As for rustic-lover homeowners, woven baskets and wooden boxes will enhance more the rustic vibes and ambiance of your house.

And secondly, these accessories are great tools for decluttering. Everybody knows that there are certain things in your house that you cannot avoid, even if they appear as litters and clutters. Things like these can actually be contained by bowls, boxes, baskets, and trays.

Hence, using these decorative accessories will not only enhance the appearance and ambiance of your home, but they can also help you declutter and organize your things.

  • Enhance the Interiors Using Plants and Flowers

Try to check again all the inspiration boards that you kept and all the interior design photos that you collected. Certainly, almost all of them would have plants, flowers, or anything natural in it. This is because adding natural aesthetics is the final step to finishing your interior decoration. In fact, incorporating them into your home would always shout that an interior designer has been in your place!

Now, it is important for you to note that you should avoid fake floral arrangements or plastic plants. Apparently, most of the interior designers would not allow this on their respective designs. And this is because they can largely break the genuine ambiance of the overall interior design.


It is very easy to choose the flowers and plants that will enhance the interior design of your house. Also, there are tons of convenient choices in the market today. If you are worrying about the maintenance and management, there are plants as well that do not require too much attention. These plants usually include aloe Vera and cactus.

If in the case that you are not a huge fan of flowers and plants, you could still resort to other natural elements. And these may include twigs, feathers, and branches that you can either put in an urn or a vase.

Remember, natural arrangements are the final keys to the finishing touches in interior designing.

In totality, these tips and ideas will surely help you in giving your home a new sense of taste, ambiance, and appearance. Although the final appearance of your home will largely vary on your preferences, these tips are mainly the foundation steps that every interior designer does when doing a decoration and improvement project.

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