The Ultimate Guide to Paints for Interiors

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Are you having difficulties in painting the interiors of your home? If you are, then this guide post may help you in finding the right ideas and inspiration. Check it now and learn the most effective tips today!

Ultimate Guide to Paints for Interiors


When decorating the interiors of your home, your chosen color palette will be the base of everything. From choosing the sets of your appliances, accessories, and prints, your color palette will be your ultimate guide. And the primary tool that will totally carry out your chosen color palette is the paints that you intend to use.

Accordingly, the paints in your interior will play a huge role in the overall decoration and appearance of your home. So, it is only fitting that you need to be very careful in choosing the right paints and types of paints.

In general, painting is quite easy to do. In fact, many homeowners enjoy doing this task (more than cleaning and decluttering!). But while it is very easy to do, painting is quite tricky. And this is because paints can either make or break the overall appearance of the interiors of your home.

So, before you pick up those paint brushes and paint tumblers, equip yourself first with the right knowledge and processes. Whether you are a beginner or just looking around for some tips, this guide may help you with your interior painting tasks.

Choosing The Right Paint Color

One of the trickiest things to do when you are about to paint the interiors of your home is choosing the right paint color. As a matter of fact, many homeowners see this process as one of the hardest parts of a painting task. Although you already have your chosen color palette, it can still be challenging for some to choose the base color of their interiors.

So, if you think you are lost in the middle of your color palette, these tips may help you out:

Choose The Color That You Love

Primarily, choosing the right color can be overwhelming since there are quite a lot of varieties of shades and tones in the color wheel. But, did you know that every interior designer tries to get to know first the owner of the home just to know which color will be the perfect fit?

Choosing The Right Paint Color

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Yes, it is true! Professional designers know the best color because they know what would be the most suitable for the personality of the owner. And with this thought at hand, it is safe to say that starting with the colors that you love can already go a long way.

It is much easier for you to create something that is out of your personal preference. It will be so much more convenient on your end because you already know how to mix and match with that specific tone and shade.

Get Creative with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like white, black, and gray are usually called the earth tones. And many homeowners choose these colors because they are very safe to play with. And not only that they are safe, but these tones appear to be pretty classy and sleek.

Choosing The Right Paint Color

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Most of the time, these colors are chosen when the homeowner wants a minimalistic finish on the interiors of the home.

Others, however, find the neutral colors very intimidating because they are too worried that their respective homes might appear dull and boring. But even so, earth tones are very natural and they are easy to blend with other colors, especially when you already decide on the sets of accessories and furniture.

Build Inspiration from Prints

If you are the type of person who always uses the same prints and decors inside your house, then this tip may significantly apply to you.

Choosing The Right Paint Color 03

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When you are having a hard time choosing the right paint color, look at the details of the prints that you use in the area. It could be the blankets in your bedroom, wall curtains, throw pillows, rugs, carpets, or anything that sets a huge space on the eyes when you look around the subjected room.

As you go over the details of the prints, you will already get an idea of what color you should use when you paint the interiors.

Grab Ideas from Artworks

When you utilize a lot of artworks inside your home, one of the most recommended ways for you to apply when choosing a fitting paint color is to actually base it on these artworks. Apparently, this is one of the many secrets of every interior designer.

Once they notice that the homeowner loves hanging paintings and artworks, they tend to base the paint colors of the interiors on the artworks.

Source: Pinterest

Keep in mind that these artworks are made by artists. And artists are masters of color and light. So, you could grab ideas from these pieces. Accordingly, you could even create your whole color pattern and palette by utilizing these artwork pieces.

Appraise the Lighter or Darker Shades

More often than not, some homeowners already have their base color for the paint. But for some reason, they tend to leave it all behind and start from scratch because they are too afraid of trying out something different.

When you experience this kind of scenario, try to appraise for the lighter or the darker shades of your chosen base color. Sometimes, the lighter and darker shades are more suitable and fitting than the original base color.

•Appraise the Lighter or Darker Shades

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So, try to experiment and observe the colors. Also, it is wise for you to check the color wheel because you will see the range and variety of shades of different base colors.

Organize a Simple Color Chart or Swatch

Once you already have your inspirations and ideas, you must organize a simple color chart or swatch. This will help you finalize your choices and make your decisions when it comes to choosing your paint colors.

•Organize a Simple Color Chart or Swatch

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You will also get to see the actual visuals of these color inspirations and it will be much easier on your end whether they will fit accordingly your taste and style.

Run a Test Trial

Before you head out and purchase gallons of paints, you purchase small liters of paints first. With these few amounts, try to paint it all out in a small board. Aside from the visuals that the chart and swatch will provide, having a test trial will make it more real to the naked eye.

Run a Test Trial

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This trial testing will allow you to see the actual texture and shade of the paints. So, if in case that you still have doubts with the paint colors that you chose, you would not be worried about the returns and refunds.

Choosing The Right Paint Finishes

Aside from choosing the right paint color, the right paint finish is also essential in this aspect of interior decoration. Apparently, the paint finish that you choose will determine how the shade will appear in the end. Also, it will affect how your walls and ceilings will be easy to clean. Moreover, the finishing paint that you will choose will have an impact on how it could hide the imperfections of your surfaces and walls.

By and large, paint finishes or the sheen is the direct measurement of how much light reflects back into your walls. In other words, the finishing paint will determine how shiny your overall paint will look like.

Hence, it is also best that you consider this matter. Besides, your painting tasks will not be fully consummated without having the right paint finishes.

Now, this guide will also help you choose the right paint finishes for you. Although this is also largely dependent on your personal preferences, it is quite practical and wise for you to learn the pros and cons of each finishing paint type.

And generally, there four types of paint finishes.

Flat Finish

Flat paints are also known as the matte paints and all because they appear to be matte in the output. Hence, light does not largely reflect on this paint. And because there is little to no light that could reflect, this is the perfect choice of finishing paint when you intend to hide surface imperfections.

But even so, keep in mind that flat paints are not very durable. And they can be quite difficult to clean in totality. This is because when scrubbing and brushing surfaces that are painted with flat paints, they could easily chip off. Nevertheless, there are brands today who offer much stronger and more durable flat paints.

Choosing The Right Paint Finishes

The perfect areas where flat paints are most recommendable include bedrooms and spaces with low-traffic. And since they hide imperfections efficiently, they are largely fitting for ceiling and walls that have chips and cracks.

Satin Finish

Satin finish or also known as the “Eggshell” (Since the appearance is similar to the eggshell’s) is a finishing paint that has the fair amount of shine. It has a higher amount of sheen than flat paints. In addition, they are much more durable. This is why you would always see this finishing paint on most kid’s room or areas where traffic is high. Also, this kind of finishing paint is usually utilized on doors, corridors, and hallways.

And because they are durable, they are very easy to clean.

Choosing The Right Paint Finishes

However, they are not as great as the flat paints where they could hide all the imperfections of the surfaces. It can pretty much make the cracks subtle but not entirely invisible.

Semi-Gloss Finish

When you intend to you a semi-gloss finish, you need to make sure that the surface has no imperfections. This is because semi-gloss has a much higher sheen than satin. As a result, it reflects more light which makes all the scratches and cracks very visible.

Semi-Gloss Finish

But even so, semi-gloss paints are very durable. Plus, they are very easy to clean. And this is why you would see this paint being used mainly on kitchens and bathrooms. No matter how much or how often you clean the surfaces that are painted with semi-gloss paints, the color and paint won’t come off.

In addition, this type of paint is very much applicable and perfect for dark areas. Since it reflects more light, it creates a lighter tone which makes the dark areas brighter. This is also why this type of paint is used on basements and garages.

High-Gloss Finish

The high-gloss finishing paints have the shiniest appearances of all. When you paint a surface using this kind of finishing paint, it will make the material and surface stand out because it will reflect the light above all else.

Hence, this is only applicable to surfaces that have no dents, scratches, and cracks.

High-Gloss Finish


Also, this is perfect for certain pieces in your house that you want to be highlighted. This includes woodworks like cabinets, tables, and centerpieces.

In addition, this is the most durable type of all. Accordingly, it can sustain any cleaning process that you intend to apply.

Final Words

In totality, painting works in terms of interior designs are very crucial, especially when you want to give your space a whole new look, appearance, style, and ambiance. The paint colors and types that you will choose will affect largely the output of the process. So, it is very wise that you take your time in deciding which colors to choose and which finishing material you will apply.

Now, if things get more overwhelming, you can easily start with your number one priority – and that is to start with the colors that you like and love. It is always practical and effective to choose that is something close to your personal preferences. But, a word of advice, don’t play safe all the time. You have to let your creative side out when it comes decorating your home.

Also, do not worry too much because it might lead you to overwork your preferences. Accordingly, you could always resort to finding ideas and inspirations in different resources like magazines, blogs, and articles. Besides, all of these pieces are widely available within the reach of your fingers.

Ultimately, you do not need to fully learn the color theory just to be able to choose the right colors, palettes, and paints. But while it could help you effectively, you could always turn to your personal interests. In the end, your home is your safe space. So, your personal preferences will be the ones that will matter.

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